Medical Center of Annandale Has Closed

As you may be aware, Dr Perez recently passed away. Over past several months we attempted to find a doctor to provide a similar level of care as Dr Perez did. However, we were unable to find a suitable replacement. As a result, the practice closed its doors for good on 9/30/2020. In order to keep your medical information safe, patient charts have been transferred to a certified, climate-controlled storage facility.

How to Obtain Your Records

If you have not already received your medical records, a request can be submitted using any of the following methods from the official custodian of these records, Paxton Record Retention, Inc (Open M – F 8am – 5pm):

At the written request of the patient, or an authorized representative, copies will be sent to any other like-regulated provider of the patient's choice or provided to the patient. Paxton Record Retention charges a fee to retrieve and per page to copy the record. Check with your insurance company to see what fees they cover. The estate does not set these prices nor does it receive any money for their processing. The fees for processing requests are dictated by state law. Further reading.